Wonder Twin Powers ACTIVATE

There are a few laws in the universe that have, by sheer reliable repetition and experimental evidence, become exalted in the minds of general civilization to rise to the level of unquestionable: The revolution of the earth around the sun, the tragic downward spiral of the cubs toward the end of the regular season and the power of twin-ness in Liz and Becky.

032310_wondertwins.jpgBecky and Liz are identical twins

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which means they have forged a special sequential path through history whereby they have observed so many of the same things, processed these observations together so many ways that they have mentally, emotionally, spiritually ordered their world next to one another.  An unquestionable empathy and even telepathy exists (even all those things where they will catch a cold at the same time on the other side of the country).  Liz sometimes tries to practice telepathy with me but I am untrained and rather uncooperative.  But I have learned enough watching them together to not question how and why they understand and process things.  And certainly I have come to understand their need for time together.


They even are joined in ways you wouldn’t ordinarily assume – like their dogs – Atom and Blondie – who were reunited Tuesday (Aug 7) after 5 years apart.

Becky lives in Atlanta in a very cute apartment very close to little five points.  She is a computer technician (both software and hardware) for NAMI Georgia as well as very talented writer, social critic and unofficial alarm monitor for town crier for reprehensible or coercive behavior emerging from the den of the religious right.  She is also a very gracious hostess and loving wife-in-law.

On Sunday we got together with RobinIMG_4077.JPG – Becky and Liz’s younger sister – and her boyfriend, Jeff.  George


- a dear family friend and a fabulous human being – joined in



as did BriannaIMG_4074.JPG , her boyfriend Capo,




IMG_4071.JPG as well as Meg and Stu IMG_4065.JPG (Robin’s step children).


It was a very nice time.  I’d arranged to meet some friends up at The Mountain so I missed seeing Connor and going swimming with everyone.  A great deal of thanks goes to Becky who hosted us and helped make everything happen!! IMG_4073.JPG

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