The Hermitage of Music City

images (6).jpg Nashville, named after Revolutionary War hero Francis Nash in 1779, is the second most populated city in Tennessee.  It was the first state capitol with Confederate affiliation to fall to the Union forces during the civil war and it was the home to ‘Old Hickory,’


images (7).jpgAndrew Jackson.  Andrew Jackson is an interesting – some might say controversial – political figure.  He exercised more presidential vetos than all his predecessors combined.  He redefined and built the Democratic political party to be the precursor of what we know today (and which carried Southern loyalties along the lines of ‘yellow dog democrats’ as in, ‘I’d vote democrat even if the candi
date they ran was an ol’ yellow dog’).  Jackson was also the only president who ever left office taking the economy from red to black.  And he was also the President in Chief character behind the unforgivable cruelty associated with the ‘trail of tears’ – the killing and deportation of many of my Cherokee ancestors from their homeland.  ’Money talks…        bull-&@%# walks’ might first have been coined by describing how he operates.  Jackson got 15,000 Cherokees to walk by reducing them below human status to bull-&@%#.  He reminds me to take a close account of what we do that holds people together and what we do that drives people apart.

Andrew Jackson also built the Hermitage – an antebellum southern manor and namesake of where Jason Shelton and I love to play golf.flash04.jpg

One of my great privileges as a minister is to have had the chance to work closely with Jason Shelton.  jason-shelton.png Bold – some might say brash at times – he’s one of the few people I’ve met whose imagination, creativity and skill match his vision and allow the raising of people to his high expectations.  I’ve learned a lot about music, worship, ministry and life in general in his company.  And we’ve had the great pleasure of watching many a golf ball fly into the horizon (often out of bounds) or disappear into a picturesque body of water.

Staying with he and Mary for a night was wonderful… but, honestly, it was a span of hours dominated by the spirited personalities of his girls, Amanda and Samantha.   IMG_3977.JPGIMG_3978.JPG I look forward to our next time together – in October when he visits Columbia, MD

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